Real services

The centrai core of the area houses the largest settlements, in a context of high infrastructural complexity and high technological content. Surrounding areas are

dedicated to the expansion and reserve for settlements in the tertiary, craft and commercial sectors, with a complete basic infrastructure, represented by:
  • office areas;
  • green areas;
  • facilities for the present and the community;
  • fiber optic communication network;
  • distribution network of primary, industriai and drinking water;
  • waste water collection network;
  • envìronmental monitoring and control activities.

It is equipped with a technical service for planning, designing and maintenance of ìnfrastructure works, to guarantee a qualified, effective and functional growth of the consortium1s assets.

The environmental Services

Of general interest and at the service of all the sectors are:

  • the rainwater and surface water collection network;
  • the purificalion plant, which manages the wastewater of companies
    established in the industrial area;
  • the primary water treatment and drinking water treatment plant, which supplies the consortium area of industrial and drinking water, depending on the needs of the companies established.
The construction of an anaerobic digester that will complete the waste management chain is nearing completion.

The chemical environmental laboratory

The Consonium also has a chemical-environmental laboratory for the analysis and contro! of industria! wastewater, of special waste emissions, which supports and optimizes the physico-chemical processes of the Consortium
plants, as well as the analysis for other users. It has been operating continuously since 1998, carrying out the analysis of the parameters required by the regulations in force for the various matrices:

  • Water intended for human consumption according to Legislative Decree 2 February 2001 no. 31
  • Surface water and groundwater according to the Legislative Decree 3 Aprii 2006 no.152 and any subsequem amendments and additions
  • Swimming pool water according to the State-Regions agreement of 16/01/03 that defines the discipline for the strucLUral and management characteristics of the pools and establishes the water requirements, published in the Officiai Gazette no. 51 of 3 March 2003, both of intake and of tub, provided for in Annex no. l
  • Wastewater according to Legislative Decree 3 Aprii 2006 no.152 and any subsequent amendments and additions
  • Well Water according to the Legislative Decree 2 Febrnary 2001 no. 31 and any subsequent amendments and additions
  • Condominium and network waters and treated according to the Legislative Decree of 2 February 2001 no. 31 and any subsequem amendments and additions
  • Agri-food Olive Oil: Acidity, number of peroxides, Spectrophotomeuic analysis – in the Accreditation phase. Total polyphenols.

The equipment , the use of cenified materials, the analysis of the checked samples regularly testifies and guarantee the technical competence, the impartiality and the reliability of the results.

Human resources, technological innovation and the computeiized internal system are the strengths of the cornpany that has developed a pleasant working environment, creating the conditions favourable to achieving the
“Zero Errors” objective.

The main objective of the Consortium is to promote and enhance the harmonious and coherent development of production activities in the sectors of industry, crafts, trade and services within the area of competence, through the creation of high levels of equipment infrastructures and the establishment of a diversified productive fabric.

To this end, the Consortium provides:

  • to select and localize production, commerciai and service operations in the area of competence;
  • to acquire or to implement expropriation process, if the case, areas and properties for the establishment of companies, for the territori al inf rastructure and for the common services;
  • to promote, build and manage infrastructures for incluslry, commerce ancl crafts, industriai and real services to companies, initiatives for the orientation and training of workers ancl any other functional service to the economie activities of interest;
  • to promote the productive developmenL of the territory through studies, projects ancl proposals.


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